How to Easily Transform My Bucket with a Handle to a Cross-Body Bag

My new adjustable foraging straps easily transform your bucket into a cross-body foraging bag. I've recently added them as an option when purchasing buckets, but what if you already purchased one of my waxed canvas and leather buckets but now you're eying the adjustable foraging straps

The good news is that you can buy just the straps and install them yourself. It's quick and easy!

Follow this tutorial to easily remove the bucket handle and install the adjustable foraging strap.

** Note ** Once you remove the bucket handle, the only way to reattach it is to sew it back on.

You can find a video tutorial here, but I've also written out the steps here:

1. Gather your materials: adjustable strap, bucket, and scissors of some sort. 

2. Separate the end of the handle from the other side, exposing the thread.

3. Carefully snip the threads between the layers of leather.

4. Pull apart the handle layers to expose the next stitch.

5. Carefully snip that stitch.

6. You should be able to completely pull apart the handle layers. If not, repeat the previous steps. 

7. Pull the handle from the grommet.

8. Repeat the previous steps to snip the stitches on the other end of the handle.

9. Once the handle is completely removed, we're ready to attach the strap, which is super easy with the swivel snaps.

10. Clip one swivel snap through one grommet. You may need to wiggle the swivel snap around a bit for it to properly clip into place.

11. Repeat with the other end of the strap and the other grommet.

12. You're done! Your cross-body bag is now ready for adventures.

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