I will be putting my shop on vacation mode May 15 in preparation for our move across the country. I plan to reopen my shop in August, once we're settled in our new home. Sign up for my newsletter below and you'll be notified when that happens. Have a great summer!
I will be putting my shop on vacation mode May 15 in preparation for our move across the country. I plan to reopen my shop in August, once we're settled in our new home. Sign up for my newsletter below and you'll be notified when that happens. Have a great summer!
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Leatherwork 101

Did you know that I don't just make and sell leather and waxed canvas items? I also have a course that teaches the basics of leatherworking.

Have you noticed this tab under my site name and logo?

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If you haven't checked it out yet, I'm here to tell you more about what Leatherwork 101.

The super short version:

The course in a box for your middle or high schooler to learn the basics of leatherwork and to create their first projects.

The slightly longer version:

Leatherwork 101 is the easy way for teens to learn a new skill with no hassle for their parents. All materials and tools needed for the practice exercises and projects are shipped straight to your door. The only thing you need to purchase is a lighter, since I can't send those through the mail. The accompanying online video lessons walk them through each practice exercise and project. 

leatherwork tools and materials

In addition to being such a convenient way to allow your teen to learn a new skill, Leatherwork 101 makes a great "experience" gift. So if you're looking for a unique gift for the teen (or adult) in your life, add Leatherwork 101 to your list. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Leatherwork 101

Q: This course is an investment and I don't want unused tools sitting around if my child decides they aren't interested. What's your return policy?

A: Leatherwork isn't for everyone, so if your child decides they're not interested after the first couple lessons, I understand.

To receive a full refund, contact me within 21 days of receiving the course tools and materials and let me know that it's not a good fit.

This gives your child time to work through several lessons and get a feel for working with leather. I will say, though, that because each lesson builds on skills taught previously, the later lessons are more interesting.

After contacting me, you must return all tools and the unused materials at your expense. Once I receive them, your refund will be processed.

Q: I don't have time to teach my child a skill I don't have, how much time is this going to take?

A: That's the great thing about this course: I do all the teaching. Lessons do vary a bit in length, but all you need to do is provide age-appropriate supervision and an extra hand on occasion.

You know your child best and what their needs are, but leather working tools are sharp and can cause injuries. Some of the exercises will go smoother with an extra hand to hold something or to provide some extra muscle for hammering tools.

Q: I can find tutorials on YouTube, why should I purchase this course?

A: Yep, you can find tutorials on YouTube. I've used some of them myself in the past. But when you rely on YouTube videos, you have to spend time searching out videos on the topics you need, half the time (or more!) they're not good quality or don't show the details of what they're doing, and you still have to go find and purchase all the tools and materials. 

I provide all the tools needed, all the leather and hardware needed, and detailed tutorials that are in video and PDF form for ease of reference. And if your child needs clarification or runs into a problem, they can email me with their questions and I will help out.

The only additional item needed is a lighter, as I cannot ship them in my tool kits.

Q: I can buy leather working tools on Amazon, what makes your tool kit different?

A: I've bought some of those tool kits off Amazon, and each time I noticed several things. Invariably, the tool kits contained tools I didn't need while not including tools I did need. I've put together a tool kit that only contains tools used in the making of the projects included in this course. No wasted money, no unused tools floating around.

Q: Tell me more about the tool kits and materials included in the course.

A: I've curated a collection of tools that will be used for the projects included in the Leatherwork 101 course. Are they high quality tools? No. Are they good, entry level tools that will get the job done while your child decides if they want to dive deeper into leatherwork and invest in higher quality tools? Yes.

All the leather and hardware needed for the practice exercises and projects are included. This means you don't have to track down the right size rivets or the right type of snaps and collar buttons. And no need to wonder if that small bag of leather pieces from the craft store has the right types of leather for the projects. Or worse, wondering if that side of leather (which could be priced at $100 or more) from Tandy is right for the project, and what you'll do with the rest of a 20 sq ft side of leather.

Q: What if more than one of my kids wants to enroll in the Leatherwork 101 course?

A: You have options!

Option 1: enroll each child separately and they'll each receive their own tool kits and materials.

Option 2: enroll one child, then enroll another as a sibling add-on. You'll receive one tool kit for them to share, but they'll each receive their own materials.

Q: Can my child work at their own pace?

A: Yes.

Once your child is enrolled, they can access the first lesson. Each lesson must be completed in order to move on to the next one, but there is no set schedule. 

If they want to cruise through all the lessons in just a couple weeks, they're welcome to. But if your child needs to go slower or even take a week or two off in between each lesson, that's not a problem.

Q: When does the course start?

A: Course enrollment is always open. I'll ship the toolkits and materials within 5-7 business days after enrollment, and Lesson 1 is available immediately (the tools and materials aren't needed for this lesson).

Q: Is the cost of shipping included in the course fee?

A: Yes it is! There's no hidden fees.

Q: I'm not a middle or high schooler, can I still take the course?

A: While the course is primarily for middle and high schoolers, adults are welcome to enroll as well.

If your child is in elementary school, they can enroll if they're mature enough to safely handle sharp tools while following the tutorials. However, they may struggle with the hammering that is needed. You know your child best, but be aware that more supervision and help may be needed for younger students.

Q: Can I gift Leatherwork 101 to someone?

A: You sure can! When you go to the registration page, you will see the option to purchase the course with one payment, two payments, or as a gift.

When you choose the gift registration option, a gift code will be sent to you. You choose how to present the code to them and they use the code to register for the course at a time that is convenient for them. Once they register, I send them the course materials and enable their access to the online portion of the course.

Recipient and their parent/guardian must complete the registration form before access to the course is granted and tools are shipped. They must complete the registration form because of the accompanying liability acknowledgement.

Code never expires and can be used anytime in the future if they aren't ready to start at the time of gifting.

Q: Can you remind me of everything I’m getting when I sign up today?

A: Sure! You'll get:

  • eight weekly lessons
  • a tool kit with all the tools needed for the practice exercises and projects in the course
  • the materials (leather, rivets, snaps, glue, etc) for those same projects
  • detailed written and video tutorials for each practice exercise and project
  • email access to me if you have any questions
  • a fun sticker pack!

leatherwork 101 projects

Head over to this page for even more information and to register your teen for Leatherwork 101. Gift registrations are also available for gifting to someone not in your immediate family.

Have a question that wasn't answered here? Send me an email using the Contact page or leave a comment here and I'll get back to you.

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